developers advice

Addison Townsend aims to play a pivotal role in the delivery of New Homes, we structure ourselves to cater for land sale and acquisition, consultancy throughout the development process, project management, new homes sales and investment deals.

Market Intelligence

  • What is the best approach to a development opportunity?
  • Establishing key financial benchmarks to ensure full profitability
  • Analysing market trends in relation to size, specification and facilities

Speak to your local branch manager, they will use their years of experience to be able to work with you to achieve the best outcomes to all these points.

The Sale & Acquisition of Land Development Consultancy

  • Assessing the unique strengths and weaknesses to each site
  • 'Local know how' in relation to planning requirements

Marketing Strategies

  • Recommendations on relevant and successful marketing campaigns
  • Co-ordinating all aspects of the programme including Launch events (if applicable)

Pricing Strategy

  • A comprehensive review of current and predicted market prices relevant to each scheme
  • Close collaboration with local market activity and future developments

Sales Management

  • Management of ‘Show Home’ staff (if required)
  • Recommendations for reservation forms and terms of contract
  • Assistance with the sales process, including comparable evidence for surveyors
  • Regular meetings to analyse ongoing performance